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Bespoke sustainability lectures and tutoring for academia

Education Declare

  • Greta asked for adults to join the school protests
  • Architects Climate Action Network (ACAN or Architects CAN) joined with their campaigns to change the regulators landscape and demands for better education
  • Architects Declare joined
  • Construction Declare joined
  • Architectural Education has heard the call and has responded
  • StuCAN is Students subgroup of Architects CAN has joined in the call for better education
  • Now Universities need to respond and provide additional lectures and specialist lecturers with an environmental flavour.

GBE Green Building Encyclopaedia

GBE has been developing environmental CPD and lectures for over 20 years

We are available to visit your university faculty or college design studio to deliver targeted lectures and/or tutoring:

  • Over 1000 sustainability, procurement, specification, professional practice topics already available
  • Suitable for RIBA Parts 1, 2 & 3
  • Focus on the built environment, building technology, landscape and interiors
  • Emphasis on environmental methods and materials
  • Workshops with physical samples of materials/products and discussion on properties and applications

 Contact us by clicking here for more information and a quotation.

Green Building Learning CPD Seminars & Lectures on GBE Website

Until we are able to provide live webinar events or face to face meetings and visits, feel free to venture over to Green Building Encyclopaedia & Calculator websites: for seminars and lectures

GBE CPD Seminars

GBE Lectures

GBC Green Building Calculator Seminars

  • GBC Introduction
  • GBC Tour of Worksheets and Custom Views
  • GBC Instructions
  • GBC Videos

Bespoke sustainability lectures and tutoring for academia

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