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The GBE Learning team

Brian and Edith met in 2007 at a Sustainability event and since then they have become friends, cooperated on numerous ideas and coached each other. With the increasing demand for knowledge and inspiration on Sustainability and other social and environmental issues, they have decided to team up to offer a comprehensive, flexible and affordable learning programme for professionals and the eco-curious at all levels and paths of life. They decided to ‘Share the knowledge that matters’.

Brian Murphy GBE Learning
Director and Founder

Brian Murphy

Brian Murphy aka BrianSpecMan is a technician and architect by training, specification writer by choice, university lecturer / studio tutor, author and environmentalist by action. Brian is the founder and creator of Green Building Encyclopaedia, a growing information resource about creating healthy, environmental and efficient buildings.

Brian Murphy is passionate about climate change, sustainability and teaching green building principles. He has 45 years in the industry, 35 in specification consultancy, 20 years with added environmental know-how, 15 years in teaching and 7 years in UK and EU funded research.
Edith Colomba-2
Director of Learning

Edith Colomba

Edith Colomba is an architect with 15 years experience in environmental architecture. As a Sustainability Consultant, Edith has published scientific research and worked on a variety of projects, from impact assessment of materials, environmental assessment of large new developments, sustainability policies and retrofit of traditional buildings.
She is the founder of the Make a Difference network.

Edith Colomba has worked with Brian Murphy for several years and they are working together on GBE Learning. She is a Senior Sustainability Consultant for both new built developments and refurbishment of traditional buildings and she is the Founder of MaD Make a Difference networking initiative in London and Birmingham.

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