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Green Building Learning Formats


The Green Building Learning programme comprised:

See our 2020 programme here.

Green Building Learning on GBE Website

Until we are able to provide live webinar events or face to face meetings and visits feel free to venture over to Green Building Encyclopaedia website for some CPD Seminars.

Green Building Learning bespoke learning services

Our GBE Learning programme might be shiny and new, but our team have cumulatively 35 years of experience practising and teaching sustainability! Upon request, we offer:

Bespoke sustainability lectures and tutoring for academia

  • CPD Seminars
  • Lectures
  • Green Building Calculator Seminars

GBC Learning on GBC Website

  • Green Building Calculator Version 2 GBCV2
  • Green Retrofit Calculator Version 1 GRCV1
  • In-house CPD: GBC &/or GRC
  • In-University seminar: GBC &/or GRC
  • Special University discount for Student Cohort
  • Student download or subscription rates

CPD hours

You will be entitled to CPD hours when attending our webinars live, when you participate to our face-to-face events and some bespoke learning activities.

GBE Lockdown Learning Blog

GBL Learning Formats

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