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Building Visit - British Library - Long-life durable materials specification

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Building Visit – British Library – Learn about long-life durable materials specification

It took seven years of liaising with many building products manufacturers and writing hundreds of package specifications…

This is how Brian Murphy succeeded in maintaining consistency, competency, long life and durability in the products and their application specifications of this iconic London building.

When asked if the job was a complete success, Brian shares both winning outcomes and powerful lessons learnt.

This walkabout is an unmissable occasion to touch with your own hands materials specified with assiduous passion for consistency and package interface continuity. Hear the story of extreme long life expectancy and performance requirements that drove the choices of materials and products by the very man who wrote the recipe of this ambitious project!


After attending this event, you will be entitled to 2 CPD hours.

Practical information

We will meet at 10:45am under the portico on the southwest corner of the site and will start the tour at 11:00am on the dot.

Bring comfortable shoes and a generous amount of curiosity. You will find that this tour will stimulate your thinking for years to come!

And if you do not have lunch plans, join us at a local pub for something to eat and a chat…

Further learning opportunities

Please check out GBE’s Spring 2020 learning programme HERE for more opportunities of online/face-to-face courses, or contact us for bespoke or in-house CPDs more details HERE.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Edith and Brian

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Building Visit – British Library – Learn about long-life durable materials specification End.

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23rd January 2020 – 20th March 2021